Liner sketch Naoko-sensei wrote a little liner note at the end of the manga that says some really sweet things, and gives her fans a hint of her personality. (Her handwriting is, in my humble opinion, atrocious, so I have to give full credit to Alex Glover for his wonderful translation. Without his translation, I would never have been able to puzzle through it. I personally can't read a word she writes.)

Naoko-sensei says that she really likes earrings - because she wanted three on each ear, pearls increasing in size from small to medium to large. (webmistress: O_o) Apparently fans picked up on this - she received lots of earrings as gifts on her birthday. (Fans will do anything to make a mangaka happy...) Apparently many of them were star and moon earrings, which no doubt had something to do with the project she was working on, the Sailor Moon manga.

Apparently Naoko-sensei wrote Boku no Pierce Girl right after she'd graduated from college; the story is supposed to take place in an area she visited often: Jingu Gaien in Shinanomachi in Tokyo. She loved the greenery there, especially the feel of the place right after a summer rainfall. She writes that she liked the cherry blossoms there too.