Boku no Pierce Girl actually means "My Earring Girl." It's my personal favorite of all the stories in the "Miss Rain" collection - because it's not your ordinary love triangle story, and it doesn't have a predictable sappy ending.

The first picture of the story says it all - a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, sitting close together. "Ne, Yuuki..." the girl thinks, clasping his hand. "Even if you find a girl you like someday, stay with me. Because we're twins..."

But instead, it is the girl twin Yuumi who finds someone - or, more accurately, is found by someone. That someone is the boy Kageura, who runs into Yuumi while she's playing in her brother's place on his baseball team. At first, Kageura's amazed that anyone could hit his pitch - and also distracted by the earring sparkling from the blond player's ear. Yuumi scores a home run, and Kageura is fascinated.

So, naturally, he pursues this interesting girl, who competes with him in her brother's place. But even as he tries to get closer to her, he finds unexpected resistance from both Yuumi and Yuuki. Kageura doesn't understand why Yuuki is so reluctant to let someone else be closer to his twin sister, nor why Yuumi doesn't want to leave her brother.

The experience makes each twin try to explore their individuality, and to try to figure out who they are apart from their other half. And like any growing experience where people try to understand their hearts, there's a lot of pain. But don't worry - love wins out. The question is, which love...

I find the in-depth exploration of emotional bonds in this short story amazing, and Takeuchi-sensei manages to convey worlds of information and mood in every expression and reaction. It's definitely a wonderful read, and the ending is, in my opinion, extremely well done.

If you want to read the story in its entirety, I suggest the excellent translation at Alex Glover's The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko. You can find this story in the "Miss Rain" section.