Naoko-sensei included a little liner note with the manga that says some really sweet things, and gives her fans a hint of her personality. (Her handwriting is, in my humble opinion, atrocious, so I have to give full credit to Alex Glover for his wonderful translation. Without his translation, I would never have been able to puzzle through it. I personally can't read a word she writes.) Liner sketch

Naoko admits that she was very bad at physics, even though she liked it. Despite that, her senior thesis was in the field of medical use of electrical engineering with ultrasound, when she worked at the internist clinic in the university hospital. (For anyone who's interested, our talented mangaka wrote a thesis called "Heightened Effects of Thrombolytic Actions Due to Ultrasound.")

She also reveals that while she was writing "Maigo no Swing," she was always pestering the person she loved, even though she couldn't express her feelings well. (That's really cute, seeing as she certainly has no problem expressing her characters' feelings...) Also during this time, she was performing experiments to study E. coli and tubercle bacilli cultures.