Maigo no Swing, "Lost Child's Swing," is the most solemn story of the "Miss Rain" collection. There's little of the cute humor present in the other stories, and the conflict is not playful at all.

The main character is the girl Tokai Mima. Mima is unmotivated in school, repeatedly getting bad grades and not seeming to care. Sometimes she feels as if she's under a spell, and wishes that someone would wake her up and take her away...

Her handsome young teacher, Maejima-sensei, becomes concerned and starts to tutor her at home. Mima enjoys the attention. But at Mima's house, Maejima meets Mima's older sister, Tokai Sawako.

Mima sees Sawako as everything that she is not: bright, pretty, mature, and much more attractive to men - for instance, to Mima's old senpai - and Mima begins to get jealous when Maejima pays attention to Sawako.

The story is basically about Mima's growing up. She learns who she is by herself, not just who she is in comparison to Sawako - and finds the motivation in her life.

Although it has a happy ending, this story isn't as light as the others in the collection. Mima broods a lot and feels very lost, and the general tone of the story is wistful and somewhat bitter. However, there's a bit of nice wordplay in the story, and the dialogue is pretty well-written.

If you want to read the story in its entirety, I suggest the excellent translation at Alex Glover's The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko. You can find this story in the "Miss Rain" section.